My First Post – About The Dark Lurking Movie

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Hello my friends,

I decided to write my first post about one of my favorite movie which has a title: The Dark Lurking

If you have seen this movie you maybe think that I am stupid, but believe in me, I am not 🙂

Most of the people – including my close friends and so on – think that this movie is not very good. If you visit iMDb you can see that based on closely 1500 ratings this film got only 3,4. I really do not know why, but after this information if you are still interested do not hesitate to continue reading.


What you have to know about this movie:

1. Firstly it was released in 2009 in Japan. After that in Australia, Germany, United States and Finland in 2010, and finally in United Kingdom and Ireland in 2011.

2. The director and the writer of this film is: Gregor Connor

3. It is a sci-fi horror movie

What is the storyline:

Long story short – I do not want to tell you every details – there is a secret research station underground and something strange happen. All of the telephones go wrong, every escape destroyed so nobody can come out. After that you can meet with the dangerous flesh eating creatures which are consuming everything what they can find. After the above mentioned disaster there are only 8 human survivors remain. They barricade themselves but they have not got much hope of rescue.

I do not want to write much more, it is the storyline briefly.

I truly recommend you to watch this movie because it is very formidable and scary but also interesting.

Here you can watch the trailer:

If you watch the film do not hesitate to share your opinion and experience!

Thank you for your attention!