I bought a new dinosaur backpack for myself

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Hello again 🙂

It was quite a long time since I have not write a post but now something happened and I decided to share it with you!

Imagine that my laptop backpack is ruined so I had to find another which has enough space for my laptop and also the other stuffs what I have to bring with myself from day to day.

My old backpack was really good for me because it was very big! It has multiple compartments so I could break up my stuff into smaller sections so it was very easy to find and access the things I needed. It was produced from water resistant materials. Okay it was not 100% waterproof but it was endured the rain. The shoulder straps and the back was also padded so it was really comfortbale.

dino backpack for myself
I bought this pack for myself, and it has a laptop sleeve too!

So the only thing I known when I started to browse for my new backpack that I would not like to buy a pack which has not got the above mentioned features. Because on the long run these characteristics are really important for me.

Finally I found a really cool backpack with a laptop holder inside which met with all of my expectations. Imagine that I just noticed at the end that the backpack what I choose is a dinosaur backpack :)It has really unique spikes on it. I did not know that it is called dino backpack but never mind, it is really awesome!

So if you are looking for a cool backpack visit dinosaur-backpack.com 🙂