How you spend your free time :)?

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I was thinking a lot about the topics of my next post but finally I decided to write about my favourite free time activity. Of course I am really curious about yours so please do not hesitate to share with me. I would really like to find new hobbies and activities which can improve my skills in some kind of field of life.

As I wrote in my first post blogging is also a new thing for me 🙂 So as you can see I am serious about the above mentioned, I am really open minded :)!

Sooo… Now I would like to tell you what I like to do during my free time, what are my favourite free time activities.

Due to the fact that I work til nine to five I have a few hours each and every day for myself. On weekdays I really like to watch movies – not tv – and I also really like watching different kind of series. Besides this I like to read books or surf on the internet. And – of course – I go to the gym sometimes… 😀 (Sport and healthy eating are also on my new year resolutions list – because I think I could do much more for my body).


As you can see I really like to be lazy and I really like to spend my free time with relaxing. That is the reason why one of my fav way to spend my time is to chill in my supercomfortable free standing hammock. 🙂

When I am lying in my hammock I can switch off my thoughts, and I can relax. I can spend hours in it when the weather is appropriate.

Imagine that I had to wait until last year to find out how great these hammocks are! At the beginning of 2014. I wanted to spend more time on fresh air. I do not really like the uncomfy wooden garden furnitures so I started to browse on the internet in order to find something different. After a few minutes I found out that maybe I should buy a hammock. Okay, it sounds good at first, but I have not got any trees in my backyard where I can hang it. I thought that it is the end of this, but finally I found a website which offered free standing hammocks in a wide range of variety. You have to know that free standing hammocks are nice hammocks with a stand which can be made from steel of wood. These kinds of hammocks are really great and functional because you do not need any tree or something to hang the hammock and you can also put your stylish patio furniture wherever you want. If you would like to sunbath a little you can enjoy the sunshine, but if you would like to take a nap in enjoyable shadow you can move your hammock wherever you want.

On I found the cool advantages what a free standing hammock can give me contrary to a simple hammock so I did not hesitate a lot, I ordered one, which has a sturdy metal stand. I really really reeeeaaallyyyy like it 😀

When the weather is nice I always go out and I read my fav books or I use my computer in the garden.

my free standing hammock
This is my lovely free standing hammock 🙂

I truly recommend you to have one, at least for the sunny times 🙂 Believe me you will not regret if you buy one!

I think the best choice to purchase a free standing hammock because of the above mentioned characteristics.

I think you should also visit this site, as I remember they offered the greatest price on the market!

I hope you found this post interesting 🙂 Do not hesitate to tell me your stories about the ways you like to spend your time with!