Welcome on My Blog

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Hi Everyone!

I am very glad that I have just started my new personal blog!

Blogging was on my New Year Resolution list. I would like to write posts each and every week in 2015 in order to spend my free time with things which make sense.

You have to know that I have not got any experience in this field so at the beginning it is sure that will not be easy 🙂


But practice will bring results and I hope you will enjoy my blog posts!

The things what I really like are: movies, fashion and around the house topics and tips.

With my posts I would like to help you to make your every day life better, practical and easier, but also I would like to make mine much more colorful and interesting.

I would like to create good habits in this new year so I hope you will join me for this great journey!

If you would like to get information about me, go on and visit the “About Me and My Site” tab.

Thank you!