Benefits of a baby carrier

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Hello There 🙂

Happy New Year For Everyone!

As I wrote you earlier my sister is pregnant. She is in the fifth months of her pregnancy so sooner or later this 9 months will fly away.

In this post I would like to share with you my story about how I bought her christmas present.

Which was….


I searched for gift ideas for pregnant women and I find this. After that I read a lot about this topic because many people says that these are great for babies and moms, but there are others who thinks that this is not good for them because of health issues. After a few posts about baby carriers finally I found a video about the best baby carriers and wraps to buy online. In this video they also show you these products work. It was a really good help for me 🙂

Based on this video I picked and bought a traditional carrier by ERGObaby. It was the second on their toplist and ( I liked the girl in the video :))

Besides this video I collected the benefits of baby carriers to convince my sister it is a great thing. But of course if I worked that much with it I would like to share my points with you too:

Babies are an important part of your life and their development and well being is your responsibility. In today’s world due to work load and pressure parents don’t get time to create that bond with their children. So for their convenience and comfort baby carrier has been introduced so that parents can keep their baby with them while they are doing other tasks. This helps to create that bond between them which was disappearing in this busy life.

Baby wearing is a method of carrying your baby in a carrier or sling and it is becoming a famous practice all around the world in order to bring the parents and their babies close to each other. There are other sources of carrying your baby like in a cart or stroller, but the feeling of carrying your baby close to your heart can only be felt with the help of a baby carrier.

Baby carrier not only helps to create that bond between the parents and the babies but also provides them with other benefits like to move easily, carry on with the daily task while their child is sleeping, helps in child’s development, etc. Baby carriers also help the dads to carry their baby and help them to spend a lot of time together. So babywearing is not only comfortable and helpful for a mother but it also helps the fathers to create that bond.

Benefits of babywearing:

One should always opt for a baby carrier as their babies love to stay close to their parent’s chest and on the other hand, parents are free to do their task. Baby carriers are made for the infants as well as for the toddlers. The position of carrying the babies may differ according to the age of the baby. Some common benefits of a baby carrier are:

  • Babywearing makes your task very easy. You can do multi-tasking as well as look after your baby at the same time. With the help of a baby carrier you can move around with your baby anywhere your feel like in a market or in any crowded place.
  • Baby wearing helps in the physical development of your baby. When a mother is wearing her baby in a baby carrier the baby is attached with the mother’s body. This helps him/her to develop his own body movement when the mother is moving and doing other tasks.
  • Baby wearing helps to increase the bond between the mother and the baby. They tend to communicate more now as the mother is always attached to the baby. It also helps the parent understand the different changes in the movement of their baby while they are growing.
  • When you wear your baby close to you the baby gets used to your smell your movements and your presence. This helps the baby to recognise you when they are not able to talk or express anything.
  • Babies feel very safe and comfortable in a carrier as they are very close to their parents and they know they are there to take care of them. It helps develop emotional bonding between them.

So a baby carrier is useful in many ways for the baby as well as for his/her parents. Carriers are available in many types to help the babies in their growing period.

An Awesome Gift For My Pregnant Sis: A Maternity Pillow

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Hey my dear readers!

It’s been a while I did not write a post but today is the day I continue making posts about my super interesting life 🙂 I am kidding. But from now on I would really like to writing minimum a post in a week. It is a great free time activity and also relaxing for me.

I think I did not mention earlier but I have an older sister. And imagine she is pregnant 🙂 So I will be an uncle soon. It is sooo exciting for me becasue until now I was the youngest member of our family. Of course I am really about her. Last year she got married with a really great guy so it was obvious that sooner or later they are going to have a little baby.

She is 4 months pregnant now so her tummy is already visible. She is 29 years old and today is her birthday. But the reason why I write about this because I think I gave her a really awesome present for her birthday.

I often speak with her and my mother too and I heard from both of them that my sister started to get difficulties with her changing body. She usually suffer from back pain and doctors said that it will worse as her belly getting bigger and bigger.

As she is a soon to be mother on her birthday it was evident for me that I would buy something for her which can be useful during her pregnancy or after that. I wondered about some kind of baby staffs. But I put away this idea because know she is she, and she is my sista so I decided to buy a gift especially for her. I will have time to buy staffs for the baby in the future.

I was searching for present ideas for pregnant women and I found out that a maternity pillow can be a cure for her problems. After a few webpages and reviews I found a review video about the TOP 10 pregnancy pillows.  It was a great help because thanks to this short video I learnt about the different types of maternity pillows available and they made a great toplist which contains products between 15$ – 79$. I wanted to spend around 50$ for her present. Thanks to this video finally I could buy the TOP 1 pillow called Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow with a great discount for only 46,36$.

Here is the picture of this product:

Awesome gift for my pregnant sis for her birthday: a leacho snoogle pregnancy pillow in mauve color
Awesome gift for my pregnant sis for her birthday: a leacho snoogle pregnancy pillow in mauve color

I am going to give her tonight evening! I hope she will like it!

I hope you liked my post and it can help you if you want to surprise a pregnant woman with a great present!