About Me and The Site

Welcome on board!

My name is Malcolm Denis and this is my personal blog 🙂 I am 27 years old and I live in the mesmerizing Houston, Texas.

The reason why I created this blog because I would like to spend my free time with things which have sense. I do not really like watch tv, or anything like this.

One of my new year resolution is that I would like to write posts about things and topics which are interesting for me.

I really like films – my favorites are horrors and thrillers – but I also like fashion & style. Besides these two things – it is maybe funny – but I am desperate about household stuffs. I really like products and tips which can make my life easier! Due to the fact that currently I am single I have to take care of myself alone, properly 🙂

If you want to relax in front of the computer for a few minutes and you are interested in one of the above mentioned topics do not hesitate to come back from time to time.


I will try to do my best and post each and every week about something interesting!

If you have any question or suggestion do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you,